English Learning

English Learning

Point Avenue Thailand’s English Learning classes, from Fundamentals to Level 4, are focused on developing children’s core language functions. The courses are designed to support the development of good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills from ages 5 to 12. Starting with phonics material at the Fundamentals level, each level of the EL course is aligned with US Common Core standards, which assure rigorous academic standards and a solid foundation for further development.

Our engaging and fun lesson material pairs with our experienced, friendly mentors to create a stimulating environment where children are happy to learn. Beyond that, we want to help our students develop as individuals. Our holistic approach sees students participating in vocabulary jams and competitions, collaborating on projects, and maintaining journals.

Course Overview

5-12 Years Old

3 Hours/Week
17 Weeks/Term

51 Hours


  • Improve reading level following the US Common Core outcomes
  • Be able to recognize elements in a story
  • Be able to accurately and completely summarize events
  • Be able to give a coherent and structured answer to a prompt
  • Strengthen written communication skills