Writing Coach

Writing Coach

Point Avenue’s Writing Coach program is a student-centered series of workshops founded on the idea that students learn to write best when they write frequently, for extended periods, and on topics of their choosing. To facilitate the writing process, a coach needs to create an environment for students with 3 things: 

  1. Ownership of their own writing
  2. Guidance from an experienced mentor
  3. Support from a community of fellow young writers

The workshop setting supports these needs while streamlining instruction to meet the most important objective of the program: giving students the confidence and conditions to write.

Course Overview

Middle School Writing Coach

Middle School Writing Coach

11-14 Years Old

3 Hours/Week
16 Weeks/Term

48 Hours

Course Objectives

  • Plan, draft, revise, edit, evaluate and publish original writing
  • Analyze and describe different text types, structures, and genres
  • Demonstrate the use of domain-specific and general academic vocabulary in writing
  • Apply complex grammatical constructs to written sentences and paragraphs
  • Strengthen written communication skills
  • Participate in showcase events by putting writing on public display
  • Submit written work to local, regional, and international writing competitions

Showcase Events

top view of hand writing on open calendar planner for business resolution with modern office stationery and take away coffee cup on white desk in office.mock up space of organizer table notebook

Author Event

Our local author event allows students to present their best-written work to promote their writing while building deeper connections with audiences.

Slam Poetry Event 1

Slam Poetry Event

This regional competition combines students from Thailand and Vietnam for a display of poetry and performance for the chance to win prizes.

PA Writing Anthology (3)


The anthology is a published collection of poems and essays composed by our students and sent home to parents at the end of each term as the final product of the course.