English Language Arts

English Language arts

Point Avenue Thailand’s English Language Arts classes are designed to advance students’ proficiency with the four major skills in English language. Starting from a relatively low level of fluency and accuracy, students will be coached through developing skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing. The lesson material places a heavy emphasis on grammatical accuracy and creativity when expressing ideas.

The course material for this class draws extensively from the National Geographic book series Pathways, which provides topical content about the real world and allows the students to use their newly acquired language skills in practice.

Course Overview

11-14 Years Old

3 Hours/Week
17 Weeks/Term

51 Hours


  • Master essential study skills
  • Meet college requirements for language knowledge
  • Meet college expectations for reading for informational content
  • Be familiar with a wide range of English literature and literary techniques
  • Be able to confidently create written pieces of various types on a familiar or common topic