Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Point Avenue Thailand’s Life Coaching courses focus on forming good habits for study and life. We aim to develop a student’s character and build a foundation for their future success. We instil a growth mindset in our students so that they can make a success of their young adulthood. Skills we particularly aim to develop are confidence, decisiveness, and the ability to self-criticise.

Our objective is that this combination of health and wellness, leadership principles and academic competency will enable students to take the step into young adulthood with the tools to make a success of their life, on their own terms.

Course Overview

5-14 Years Old

3 Hours/Week
17 Weeks/Term

51 Hours


  • Develop tangible coping skills for stress
  • Physical exercise each class
  • Identify and learn habits that support optimal performance
  • Communication skills that foster emotional intelligence
  • Foundational understanding of leadership and perseverance
  • Understanding building good habits and behavior