4 ways to strengthen family relationships and improve bonds


In the digital world where there are tools and communication technologies that are always with us everywhere. We can’t deny that these tools facilitate interpersonal communication. But this also prevents us from interacting with each other, right? Today, Point Avenue Thailand would like to share 4 ways to strengthen family relationships while still having these tools in hand. We guarantee that the methods we offer are easy and doable.

4 ways to strengthen family relationships
and improve bonds:


1. Limit time to use technology

Setting or limiting the time spent on screens on electronic devices will help mothers, fathers, and kids manage their time more efficiently when they use their smartphones. It’s suggested that parents should be spending time with their children when they are using these electronic devices while giving them guidelines for all the media the children should and should not be consuming. While taking this action, we will already be integrating ourselves with the kids unconsciously.


2. Spend time with nature

Another means to bond with your family is to spend time and surround yourselves in the midst of nature and greenery all together. You can educate your children while visiting that nature, be it you explain how the ecosystem functions intricately among those living things. As you know well, fresh air and luxuriant green trees soothe you. They destress you and your family; all your stress from work or your kids’ stress from being a studious student in the class will mitigate. Speaking of which, nature also helps develop kids’ brains as they are growing up.


3. Learn something new together

Learning new things makes our brains develop all the time. And it will be greatly improved if you as a mother or a father can create this learning environment for kids. Taking your children to have a walk in the park while explaining all the surrounding things–e.g. how the organisms rely on each other. This will allow everyone in the family to interact closely without even realizing it.

4. Play games to improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Activities or games that enhance the EQ (Emotional Intelligence), such as playing hint games and discussion to exchange opinions. These sorts of activities matter to the EQ because it results in progressive learning and mutual understanding between family members.


Point Avenue Thailand hopes that these 4 tips to strengthen family relationships and bonds are useful for all parents. Please stay updated with our articles. And if you want to receive more of our blog posts, you can sign up HERE for informative articles.


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